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    Hi dear readers. Now, you came to the write place to read this interesting story. It's a fiction story but its events happened actually in the real life. The idea of this story came to me wehn- one day- I read a very short news on the newspaper. The news was as follows : " A young American man was standing at the top of Texas tower pointing his gun to the walking people on the road. He killed so many people, but someone was able to shoot him in the heart. He fill dead. At the morgue, Psychiatrist and coroner  said that there was a tumor at the bottom of the brain. Then it was paranoia. Instead of using pistols and guns, deadly radiation was emitted from his eyes to kill his enemies. You must know that,  great action film can be made from this story.

                                     Chapter (1)  The mirror

    Chapter (1) The mirror


    The moon disappeared behind the very heavy and dark clouds in the sky, then it was so dark in the pyramids area in Cairo but only a little amount of light that came out of "Villa Paul" in which "John Paul" lives in Pyramids street. It was late and it was a little bit after 2 a.m.

    "John" .... The 24 years man was sitting at his office in a trial to study, but he failed to do so. He was in his last year of studying in the faculty of science and his department was chemistry. There were very bad thoughts that came to his mind every tie and moment to prevent him from study. "John" left his office and tried to sleep on the very near bed of his office, perhaps the sleep visits his eyes, but it was in vain because of his bad thoughts. He really failed 2 years during his study, however, we may consider him one of the genius people because a man with bad thoughts like him may be one day a street man or a man of nothing of knowledge. When he was sleeping with open eyes, he looked at the ceiling of his room with his mind wandering, but suddenly he got up strongly and quickly to escape from the wandering of his thoughts. He sat down at his office putting his right hand on his forehead and his elbow on the surface of his office. He seemed to be so angry, sad and worried about something in his life. He opened the drawer of his office to get out his agenda on which he wrote the following: " I hate my parents because they hate me. " He looked at the mirror which was face to face to his office, then he walked towards it until he became exactly in front of it. Oh ..... his face on the mirror was very white with some red colors within it. It was round and his shining blue eyes expressed an extraordinary intelligence. His black hair was neat in a way that differs from a man with the same circumstances and troubles like him. He was having a graceful body with a beautiful face. He was neither tall nor short but half way between them. Instead of seeing himself on the mirror, he imagined that his parents and his brother " Aamer "who was 2 years younger than him were collected together on a spot of it, but no place to him among them. He imagined that his parents were giving "Aamer" pats on the head and the back and playing with him friendly and in a lovely way but his father's hand came out of the mirror extremely and strongly to slap him cruelty on the face. He came back quickly against the mirror with fear and anger as if this slap was true, then he turned left towards the window to open it to breathe the fresh air that will allow the anger and fear to go away and leave him. But when he looked out of the window, he found it so dark except the area below the window on which the light of the room came out to draw a geometrical piece of light. You'll find the light so strong in the centre of this piece and it becomes darker and darker when you go far from this centre and then it becomes so dark at the far ends of this area. "John" shut the window and sat down at his office thinking about something, and suddenly without feeling from him his hand extended quickly to the drawer of his office to get out a paper on which he recorded some chemical equations and symbols. That was because a very good idea jumped to his mind about making a mixture of a chemical solution which has certain properties and perhaps this experiment will achieve the great success. "John" put the lights of his room off and slept relaxing with good feelings on his bed and it was four after midnight.


    Chapter (2)   In cafeteria

    "John" got up from his bed on the mewing of his cat which extended its paws once from down John's doorstill and knocking on the door another time. Oh… it was half past seven a.m. and John was late. How can he attend the lecture at his faculty which starts eight o'clock with the difficulty of the transportation ? Then he jumped quickly from his bed and opened the door to pat on its head . After feeding his cat he put his clothes on quickly and left the villa to his faculty after putting the paper including the chemical equations and symbols inside the agenda of recording the information. It was ten to ten a.m. when John reached his faculty and the lecture was about to get an end, therefore, he took his way to the cafeteria of his faculty to get his breakfast. He was alone to his table which took a corner of the cafeteria. He didn't look at anyone of his Colleagues who were sitting around rounded tables and their eyes were full of mocking towards him. One of his Colleagues said to another one sitting beside him: Look at John ! The second said while he was smiling: Why? The first: Do you see? John doesn't stay alone. The second: How and there is no body around him ? The first: He stays with the air. When the first Colleague said that, he laughed loudly and his Colleagues followed him with laughter. The third said: I believed that he was one of the chairs around him. At the moment, John stood up angrily and nervously holding one of the chairs around him and was going to fall it down strongly over the head of one of those mocking Colleagues to smash it to pieces, but the waiter took the way to him quickly and said to him: What are you doing sir? Do you want to smash a chair that cost us too much and will cost you more ? John said angrily and nervously: No… I wanted only to smash their heads. John brought back the chair to its place and said to the waiter: How much do you want? The waiter said: p.t. 70. John gave him L.E.1 and left the cafeteria to the courtyard of the faculty. During his walking to the courtyard, he was talking to himself saying: Why do the people deal with me this way? Do they have something wrong or me? When John cut a short distance, he found some grasses on the right side of the way from the cafeteria to one of the gates of the faculty, then he threw himself on the grass and lay on his back putting his hands attached together behind his head looking to the giant tree opposite to him. When his mind cut a long time wandering here and there, he gave a look to his watch to find it five to eleven a.m. He stood up removing the dust and some grasses with his hands from his trousers, then took his way to the chemical laboratory.

    Chapter (3)   In laboratory

    Inside the chemical laboratory, every pair of students started doing the experiments except John who was alone even while doing his chemical experiments. That was because the number of all the students in the laboratory was odd and everyone chose the one he loved and felt happiness to do the experiments with him, but no body chose John. That cut him to the heart too much as what happened to him all his past life. But he found it a very good chance for him to do his special experiment stealthily without feeling from his Colleagues and the doctor who explained to them how to do their experiments. John pretended to do his class experiment. He did part of it, then got out the paper from his agenda on which the chemical equations and symbols were recorded to make a solution with some properties kept them for himself, and after remembering what was written on this paper, he went to some shelves containing bottles of concentrated acids and alkalis and many different kinds of salts. When he suddenly saw one of the wanted salts, he kept its place in mind, then went to another shelf and a third one and so on until he was able to collect all the wanted salts and keeping them in mind. But the problem was How to bring them all out of the laboratory and also out of the faculty without feeling from anyone? That required a carafe in which this mixture will be collected. But the carafe will be so easy for the People to see and it will be bad if someone discovered it….The good solution is to take a bottle every time he comes to the laboratory and hide it inside his trousers in the region behind the belt and bring his shirt out of his trousers instead of the inside of it and then the hiding operation will be complete. Actually he did so and took a bottle where all of the students were busy with their experiments and came back again to his place pretending that he was doing his experiment. Suddenly the demonstrator came behind him and said: What is this? John confused and said hesitating: Wa…wa….what is wrong doctor? The demonstrator said: Your Colleagues are going to finish their experiments and you're still in the beginning? John breathed again after that fearful surprise and said: I wasn't understanding the experiment, that's because I was so tired yesterday and I was not able to study. The demonstrator shook his head and continued to see what were the students doing. John thanked God that the demonstrator didn't discover anything. He tried to be calm again. Finally, all the students were out of laboratory and John was among them who felt that he achieved the great victory to complete part of his plan after his very bad case of fearful. In the few next days, he repeated this more and more until he was able to collect all what he wanted.

    Chapter (4)    The black dog

    It was 9 p.m. when John put all what he brought from the laboratory on his office, then he went to the next room and brought a carafe and put it beside the solutions. But he forgot to buy an injection syringe, therefore he went quickly to the nearest pharmacy and bought it then came back again to his office. After lightening the concentrated acids and making the required ratios of salts and solutions he mixed them all and quickly the solution boiled over with heavy smoke came out of the opening of the carafe. When the solution became cold, it was having the bright red color. John drew some of the solution with the syringe and looked at it fearfully saying to himself: What may be if I injected myself and the experiment failed? That's the first time in my life to be frightened this way … it supposed to me to have a look again on the paper of the chemical equations and symbols, perhaps there was something wrong. But before doing that, he heard the mewing of his cat which was near by him licking his foot with its tongue. John said to his cat holding it from its two front legs and looking at its face: Well my dear cat… I'll try the experiment on you… If it succeeded, I'll give you my hot thanks… but if it failed, I'll be sorry about you…I don't mean to hurt you. John kissed the cat from its head, then put it on the office and patted on its head and back with the empty hand of the syringe, but injected it with the other hand in its thigh and then the cat mewed loudly as if it wanted the help from John against him. That was because the cat didn't believe so from him. At the end of injection, the cat escaped from John and jumped out of the window as a tiger. But when its legs touched the land, it became quicker than the wind. But what a pity, the cat stopped suddenly because there was a great surprise waiting for it. It was a very big and black mad dog. The dog barked at the cat a fearful barking and decided not to leave the cat without hurting it. The cat was not able to move as if it lost the movement property, then its body curved up, then cried in the dog's face. The solution that the cat had been injected with it starts its work and affection in the moments of being nervous and then the cat's body became strong as if it was made of steel, then the rays came out of its eyes taking different colors and producing a great sound like that which comes from a very hot piece of iron when putting it inside the water. The rays came out of the cat's eyes to the dog's body, and when the cat became calm, its eyes stopped producing the rays. The cat was fainted during the going out of the rays from its eyes until the end of that operation. This kind of fainting differs from what we know. The cat didn't fall down on the ground, but the rays will be the leader to the cat and take its way to the enemy without feeling from the cat. When the cat came back again to its normal case found the big dog standing opposite to it, then it escaped to the villa door and mewed loudly as if it calls John to open the door to it. John put the cat between his arms and kissed it and he was astonished of what did he see, then he went to the dog and said to himself: How wonderful… why the dog is standing without any movement? John stepped towards the dog and touched it and it was a great surprise to see the dog falls down on the ground and all its body was smashed into small pieces. John held one of those pieces and found that it was a piece of coal.He discovered this moment that the solution was very dangerous and he was very happy about the success of his experiment. He went back to his room and injected himself and returned the syringe and the carafe to a safe place, then went to his bed where the room was so dark.



    Chapter (5) Devils







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